miniB setup
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Funded on Kickstarter in just 6 hours, miniB includes a bed for two, a slide-out cooking countertop, an outdoor table, seats, a two-seater sofa, and a solid transport bag fit for air travel. This camper kit by Polish startup is packed into an air-travel-ready suitcase that allows adventurers to fly anywhere, rent a car, and explore territories beyond the reach of traditional motorhomes and camper vans.

Transforming the camping experience

As the #vanlife trend gains momentum, the miniB camper kit aims to offer a flexible and convenient camping solution for modern adventurers. Designed to provide the comforts of a full-size camper, miniB combines practicality with portability, enabling users to create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors.

Head Designer at, Voytek Yozkov, envisions the miniB as an opportunity for people to experience the freedom of nature without compromising on comfort. Its innovative design and ease of installation make it an attractive alternative to traditional camper vans.

Compact and travel-ready

The miniB camper kit weighs less than 28kg, allowing it to be easily transported by air. With no permanent modifications required, it can be fitted into a wide range of vehicles, including small SUVs, estate models, and minivans larger than a Ford Ka or Fiat 500. This versatility makes it accessible to a broader audience, catering to various vehicle types and travel preferences.

A car with the miniB bed.

Quality and sustainability

Committed to delivering a high-quality camping experience, the miniB kit comes with a 2-sleeper bed capable of weighting 190kg. The mattress bed size is 195x115cm (76 in x 45 in). The miniB frame is made from waterproof plywood, sourced from sustainable European producers, with manufacturing taking place in Poland.

In addition to the bed and mattresses, the miniB kit includes a slide-out cooking countertop, an outdoor table with two adjustable heights, two outdoor seats with soft covers, a full-size two-seater outdoor sofa, and a solid transport bag ready for air travel. Additional items such as a gas cooker, water container, cooking basics, two sleeping bags, and two pillows can also be fitted into the miniB travel bag. The suggested retail price of the miniB is €1350. The product is expected to ship in July/August 2023.