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Vitestro has raised €20 million to accelerate the commercialization of their autonomous blood sampling device. The Dutch start-up announced this yesterday in a press release. This round of funding brings the total fundraising to €46 million. With this capital injection, Vitestro will expand its team and develop additional features for the device.

Vitestro’s technology has the potential to transform patient care and ease the burden on laboratory staff. Hospitals are expected to begin using the first blood collection devices by the end of this year.

The funding is a significant milestone for Vitestro, founded in 2017 in Utrecht, Netherlands. The company has focused on improving patients’ and clinicians’ blood collection experience. Today’s healthcare market faces challenges such as staff shortages and increasing pressure on laboratory services. Vitestro’s innovative technology can play an essential role in addressing these issues. 

Technological advances in the medical field

Vitestro’s autonomous blood sampling device uses artificial intelligence, ultrasound-guided imaging technology, and robotic needle insertion for accurate blood sampling. This advanced technology provides opportunities for a consistent and enhanced patient experience while relieving caregivers.

The investors backing Vitestro, such as Sonder Capital, NYBC Ventures, and Invest-NL, are not just optimistic but confident about the company’s potential. With the infusion of new funds, Vitestro is poised to expand its team, cater to the increasing demand, and introduce innovative product features.