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Admittedly, every list is debatable – and certainly if there are hardly any arguments put forward to indicate the difference between number 1 and 10, we must be wary. But if a company that has the mission to speed up the switch to 100% fully electric driving puts you on #2 in the list of “most anticipated electric cars for the next two years, then you can be satisfied. Just behind the Tesla Model 3 Performance, but before brands like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi. Indeed, the Lightyear One is not just an electric car.

The list has been compiled by Mountox, a Dutch platform for electric cars that uses a number of innovative tools to provide insight into all e-cars and calculates the advantages of electric driving. The platform is highly positive about Lightyear:

“A new Dutch car builder is here! With a mission: driving a distance of 1 light year solely on solar power. Startup Lightyear kicks off with the Dutch sun car Lightyear One. The car charges itself with solar cells and can total almost 800 km on one battery charge. The actual range will be a bit lower, yet impressive! We believe that Lightyear has the ultimate product in its hands and from 2020 onwards, it will compete with the German solar car Sion (Sono motorcycles).

LightyearPricewise, this competition will be quite difficult because a Sion is for sale for a fraction of the amount of that of a Lightyear. But Lightyear emphasizes – not for nothing – that Sion has a completely different purpose, the main difference being that the solar panels on that car are at most supportive (and therefore only provide a limited range), where they are all-important at Lightyear.

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Lightyear is based at the Helmond automotive campus, where a new production hall is currently being completed.

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