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Bas Verkaik and Tom Selten are still known as members of the student teams STORM and Solar Team Eindhoven. At the moment they are the pioneers of the new Innovation Space, the place at the university where students, employees, and people from the outside are building the solutions to tomorrow’s problems. In a weekly blog post, they keep E52 informed of their progress.


Tom Selten

Foto Bart van Overbeeke

Last week Eindhoven was full of spotlights again during Dutch Design Week. The well-attended Mind The Step exhibition of our three popular high-tech universities (excluding the Wannabe nerds from Wageningen) was a resounding success. Again a record number of visitors and an abundance of ambitious students who exhibited their projects. Nothing but praise for the Industrial Designers, who once again took care of the vast majority of the projects. And chapeau, because there were true gems among them. Nevertheless, a slightly critical footnote.

Presenting your project to more than 70,000 interested people is not something that only students of Industrial Design should aspire to. Each faculty should embrace this possibility to show which solutions they are working on. Dutch Design Week is the perfect opportunity to show what we are capable of and what we are doing as TU Eindhoven. So let’s not let ourselves be deterred by the word ‘design’? Okay, deal.


Bas Verkaik

Foto Bart van Overbeeke

Last week there were enough highlights as well. First of all, we have temporarily given the female population in InnoSpace a considerable boost by inviting Fresh Connection. This is a national community that wants to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. Apart from the fact that we of course fully support this vision, the over-representation of the female sex is a nice additional advantage. Perhaps our beloved university chair will one day get what he wants: a student team consisting entirely of female students. Not really interdisciplinary, but hey.

Fuck Fast Fashion
The Wednesday evening with Fresh Connection was not only a mix of sexes but also of studies and backgrounds. The alphas and betas were almost literally exposed to a spicy case of ID-representatives Fabienne and Jessica. These top chicks from LabeledBy will soon want our clothing to be fully customized 3D printing. Fuck Fast Fashion. Sounds appealing, right? They can use some TBK, TN, WTB and EE assistance. All spam is welcome on [email protected].

So, to conclude, you can also immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurs by joining StartUp24. A very cool (and free) event, organized by the brother of King Pils himself; ‘Mister Startup’ Constantijn van Oranje. In any case, it will be a majestic twenty-four hours. See you in the Gaslab!

Main picture: (c) Bart van Overbeeke