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Dutch battery innovator LeydenJar Technologies will build its first factory at Eindhoven. Set to open in 2026, the plant provides a production capacity of 70 MWh pure silicon anode for high energy density batteries, says the company in a press release.

Why you need to know this:

LeydenJar’s innovative battery technique will help in the transition towards a greener future.

LeydenJar anodes are integrated into lithium-ion batteries, enabling dramatically increased capacity and fast-charging capabilities. Being 70% higher in energy density than conventional anodes and up to 10x thinner, LeydenJar anodes pave the way for new products and innovations in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. Phones, laptops and electric vehicles become lighter in weight, more compact and longer lasting on a single charge. What’s more, climate change impact of production is reduced by up to 85% compared to conventional graphite anodes.

The plant will open in 2026, producing an annual capacity of 70 MWh pure silicon anode foil: enough for four million smartphone batteries. The production tools that will be used in the facility are developed in-house by LeydenJar. It serves the growing needs of LeydenJar anode customers in the consumer electronics industry, for products such as drones, smartwatches, phones and laptops. Eindhoven was selected due to the city’s worldwide status as a thriving center for innovation and cutting-edge research. 

LeydenJar anticipates that it will eventually not become a major producer of batteries itself, but will primarily focus on manufacturing anode foil as semi-finished products for the industry. It’s also possible that the company will venture into building machinery for large battery manufacturers, akin to ASML, which doesn’t manufacture computer chips itself but does develop and build equipment for this industry.