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High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan (AIST) will join hands to accelerate open innovation utilizing industrial networks which both institutes have. AIST will get a presence on the High tech Campus Eindhoven, whereas HTCE will become active on AIST’s campus in Japan.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two is meant to accelerate collaboration with global companies by setting up joint laboratories bilaterally on both campuses. It also has to promote joint projects based on Japanese and European technologies and exchange information for managing open innovation hubs.

Based on this, HTCE and AIST will set up joint laboratories for collaborating with companies on campuses of both institutes. For both institutes, it will be a step toward further enhancing collaboration with global companies. AIST will aim to commercialize AIST technologies overseas by creating joint projects that match the market needs in Europe. In addition, HTCE and AIST will mutually exchange information and share know-how concerning the establishment and management of both open innovation hubs.

The MOU was signed by HTCE’s Business Development Director Cees Admiraal and AIST President Dr. Chubachi in the presence of Bert Pauli, deputy of the Province of Noord-Brabant and Mr. Mikito Kezuka, Deputy Mayor of Tsukuba City.

Since 2009, AIST has been the leading institute managing an open innovation hub called “TIA” which mainly focuses on nanotechnology. HTCE has also been successful as Europe’s largest open innovation hub where many companies and research institutes gather to promote collaboration.

Under this background, AIST, TIA and HTCE have been continuously exchanging information and opinions since 2012. Especially in January 2015, an AIST delegation visited HTCE and discussed management of common facilities, scope to attract companies, and the framework of enhancing startups. After these processes, AIST visited HTCE in January 2017 and received a request to conclude an agreement that will aim to accelerate collaboration with companies using the networks of both institutes.

Details of collaboration:

  • HTCE and AIST will set up research and business joint laboratories on campuses of both institutes
  • Based on Europe’s market needs, AIST will launch joint projects with companies at HTCE and expand AIST technologies abroad
  • HTCE and AIST will exchange information regularly on technological trends of high-tech business environment and on know-how of managing open innovation hubs