Part of Media52's editorial team in 2018, celebrating e52's change into Innovation Origins.
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Why we write about this topic:

Media52, Innovation Origins’ mother company, today celebrates its 8th birthday. Instead of telling how important that is ourselves, we asked ChatGPT what this small milestone means to the world.

Media52 BV has existed for 8 years on January 29. It started with, an Eindhoven-based publication, and is now active all over Europe, with several brands such as Innovation Origins and

In the past 8 years, and its follow-up publication Innovation Origins have covered the transformation of the Eindhoven region from a former industrial hub to a center of innovation in Europe. The publications have chronicled the growth and development of the region’s technology and startups and its increasing international recognition.

From covering the transformation of traditional industries, such as Philips, to the rise of cutting-edge technologies and the Brainport Eindhoven region’s role in driving innovation, and Innovation Origins have been at the forefront of reporting on the region’s journey. The publications have played a key role in highlighting the region’s strengths and potential and in bringing the stories of its innovators and entrepreneurs to a wider audience.


This was especially true after Media52 decided, in 2018, to grow from an Eindhoven-oriented publication into a European platform for the story of innovation. With its slogan ‘Your Sneak Preview of the Future’, Innovation Origins aims to report the stories of the people and organizations that are working on the solutions to society’s biggest challenges.

Today, Media52 incorporates newsrooms for Innovation Origins and, as well as a development department in which technologies of the future are created and used for the brands it is working with. Media52 has a staff of around 30, spread all over Europe.

Thanks, ChatGPT, for your positive words! Now, we’re fully ready to celebrate đŸ™‚