Bart Brouwers, Media52, and Pieter Hermans, Jakajima.
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Jakajima, organizer of events and conferences in 3D printing, photonics, healthcare, agrifood, and green energy, will transfer all of its activities to Media52 as of June 1. This gives Innovation Origins (IO) a sister company that perfectly matches its activities in terms of its focus on high-tech and innovation. Media52 will incorporate Jakajima’s conferences into its event unit, now best known for its Gerard & Anton community. With the cooperation, Jakajima and Media52 aim to secure Jakajima’s successful portfolio further.

Owner Pieter Hermans of Jakajima will remain a booster of the ongoing conferences. IO editor-in-chief Aafke Eppinga will be responsible for integrating these activities within Media52.

Why this is important

Media52’s acquisition of Jakajima is attractive because it can add depth to the IO coverage. With all the expertise associated with Jakajima’s conferences, Innovation Origins gains access to a prosperous new body of knowledge on precisely the topics of interest to IO.

Long tradition

Jakajima has a long tradition of organizing specialized events in the high-tech ecosystem. Some long-running titles include Agrifood Innovation Event, 3D Medical Conference, LiFi Conference, and the Optical Wireless Communication Conference. Media52 is active in the same thematic areas, so cooperation can bring great synergy benefits, according to both parties. Media52 has also been organizing events for high-tech startups and figureheads from the high-tech ecosystem for nine years, which can only increase the effects of the cooperation.

Editor-in-chief Aafke Eppinga calls the acquisition an excellent opportunity to add depth to typical IO topics. “When this opportunity presented itself, we did not have to think long. The topics Jakajima serves match IO’s focus one-to-one. Combining the expertise of both sides creates countless opportunities to strengthen the events and our publications. Not to mention the specialized knowledge of our editors that will now be available to the events as well.”

Mauro Mereu, Linda Bak, Marieke Brouwers, Aafke Eppinga, Bart Brouwers, Pieter Hermans
Mauro Mereu, Linda Bak, Marieke Brouwers, Aafke Eppinga, Bart Brouwers, Pieter Hermans

Twenty conferences per year

Since 2012, Jakajima has organized an average of twenty conferences per year in many countries worldwide, from concept, content (speakers), and partners to communication and realization. “Also, we take care of post-event activities and evaluation,” says Hermans. “Organizing a conference can be a great way to draw attention to your organization, knowledge institution, or company and achieve various goals, such as marketing, knowledge exchange, sales, or partner search. Since not many companies have the capacity, time, or knowledge to set up an event, we take care of that.”

Hermans is pleased that his company can continue to develop under the Media52 umbrella. “By partnering with Media52, we not only ensure that our conferences receive better support, but Jakajima can also fully focus on our services around management consulting and interim management in the high-tech field. I look forward to taking up Jakajima’s innovative and beautiful work with Media52 from now on.”