Hydraloop founders Arthur Valkieser and Sabine Stuiver at CES
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Hydraloop, a Leeuwarden-based innovative start-up, has secured a €10.5 million investment to further roll out their groundbreaking water recycling system. The start-up announced this today in a press release. The start-up’s technology should ensure sustainable water management by reducing water use by 45 percent. With patented cleaning methods, including UV radiation and a bioreactor, Hydraloop is in a strong position in the market. This success increases their potential to become a standard in both residential and commercial buildings.

The recent investment in Hydraloop by Invest-NL, Amavi Capital, and the Northern Development Company (NOM) marks a significant milestone in the company’s Series B financing round, which seeks a total of €13.5 million. Hydraloop, with 40 employees, has expanded its operations into North America, the Middle East, and Australia. With 130 partners in 35 countries, the company is now focused on scaling B2B sales and developing strategic partnerships.

The technology behind Hydraloop

Hydraloop systems capture water from showers, baths, and washing machines and clean it in six steps without the need for filters or chemicals. This saves 25 to 45 percent on drinking and wastewater. The founders, Arthur Valkieser and Sabine Stuiver are committed to the mission of changing the way people use water in the face of increasing global water scarcity.

Invest-NL’s investment in Hydraloop is not just a financial injection; it also represents a commitment to water conservation. Lars Groeneveld, senior investment manager at Invest-NL, emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions to the global water crisis. With the expectation that in the next 10 to 15 years every new building will have its own water recycler, Hydraloop positions itself as a future market leader in gray water recycling.