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Avantium, a forerunner in bio-based plastics, has raised 70 million euros with an equity issue. With this capital, Avantium aims to commercially commission the FDCA Flagship Plant in Delfzijl, Netherlands. This plant should become the cradle for the next generation of bioplastics and contribute to a circular and sustainable economy. Last year, Invest-NL already invested EUR 30 million in Avantium.

The share issue of 70 million euros exceeds the original goal of 50 million euros. The issue resulted in the issuance of new shares, most of which have already been exercised. According to Avantium’s CEO, Tom van Aken, the proceeds will be used for the completion and start-up of the FDCA Flagship Plant. This plant, located in Delfzijl, will produce a new generation of bio-based plastics, a significant step towards a circular and sustainable future for the plastics industry.

Invest-NL and bank consortium

According to managing director Rinke Zonneveld, invest-NL played a key role in this share issue as an underwriter. The investor strengthened its involvement after an earlier investment of EUR 30 million in Avantium. The issue’s success is also due to the cooperation with a wide range of financial institutions, including a banking consortium and several other financiers. “Invest-NL would like to work even more intensively with banks and other financiers to make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. By making fundable what seems to be unfundable,” said Zonneveld.

The FDCA Flagship Plant

Avantium’s FDCA Flagship Plant is in the spotlight as an important project in the field of sustainable development. FDCA (furanic dicarboxylic acid) is a chemical building block for the production of PEF (polyethylene furanate), a durable plastic that offers performance comparable to or better than traditional petrochemicals.

The technology behind the production of FDCA is Avantium’s YXY® technology. This converts plant sugars into FDCA, making it an alternative to fossil feedstock. The factory in Delfzijl will play a central role in the commercial rollout of this technology. The recent capital injection will allow Avantium to realize the planned commercial operations of the plant and roll out the technology on a larger scale.

Participation from new investors such as SENFI Ventures Co. Ltd and Pieter Kooi, which received 3% and 5% of the outstanding share capital, shows that there is also interest in Avantium’s sustainable technologies from abroad. According to the company, the attention it is receiving shows that the transition to a circular economy is both a local and a global movement.