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Innovation in the mining industry has been a tool for improving the efficiency of its process, reducing cost, and at the same time offering solutions to social and environmental concerns that arise from it. Automated and remote-controlled machinery, advanced forms of monitoring, and analysis of large amounts of data are all made possible with the utilization of technology. 

The mining industry is going through a complete uplifting changeover from brick and mortar methods to a digitally transformed industry. Fully automated operations will soon be the future of this industry. The new innovations have transformed the mining industry to produce more customer and environmental value. Here are some innovations in the mining industry that are driving the new wave of transformation. 

Formalized Education Process

First of all: continuous education is key in any innovative process. You can now get a degree to become an expert mining engineer. By enrolling in Mining Engineering Schools you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand the science and technology to process extraction from the earth. It will also teach you how to do it in the safest and most efficient and sustainable manner. This opens the door for you to have a full-blown career that is rapidly growing in the mining industry. You will be able to manage mining operations, as well as exploration and discovery of mineral resources. This will in return help you to plan and design mines as well as teach you how to manage them. 


The use of drones has become a vital technological aspect in many types of businesses. Traditionally, the surveying and mapping of prospective mining environments were time-consuming, cost-intensive, and hazardous too. Drone usages can now enhance the process by conducting aerial surveys on mining sites. This alternative vastly reduces the time spent by surveyors on-site inspection and also provides safe grounds for such operations. The data that is gathered through a drone survey can then help to make informed decisions and improve risk management. 

3D Innovation

The mining industry can cut down its cost of transporting spare parts to remote mines during emergencies by using the 3D printing process. This process is used to print physical objects from digital models. This gives the potential for the mining industry to keep a consistent maintenance supply chain by offering a quick replacement for a broad range of spare parts. This can reduce lead times and eliminate extra costs that are incurred to transport these parts to remote sites. Furthermore, 3D mapping can help to highlight prospective areas of excavation and thereby reduce both time and operational costs. 

The future of the mining industry is a promising one which is increasingly evident by the role technological innovations are playing in it. Early adopters have already witnessed improved productivity, cost savings, and most important advanced safety methods. Caution taken to decrease environmental damage is now possible. As the stages of development mature, all mining industries will have to integrate these technological advancements and innovations into every aspect of their business to be able to stay on top of their competitors.