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The annual Holst Centre Innovation Day used to be an invitation-only closed event. Not anymore. Next week, Innovation Day is explicitly open to anybody who wants to bring innovation a step further. “We ask you to bring your own ideas, questions and knowledge. After hearing about the trends and challenges in the areas of smart buildings, health and mobility, we consider what the best solutions in those domains might be. Participate in the ‘Interactive exchange’, which is all about generating ideas that can inspire society.”

Holst Centre Innovation Day 2019 is on Thursday, June 20 at the High Tech Campus Conference Center in Eindhoven.

Holst Centre’s fundamentals are to contribute to answering global societal challenges in healthcare, buildings, cities, energy and mobility. The Holst Centre Innovation Day 2019, taking place on the High Tech Campus on 20 June 2019, is the ideal gateway to explore the smart technologies within Holst Centre’s application domains. “We are honoured to welcome compelling speakers, share our insights about the future and present our latest technologies. The aim of all the innovations we create is to improve people’s lives. Let’s explore the endless possibilities for technology to help society.”

Smart technologies

The Holst Centre Innovation Day 2019 will be a full day of keynotes and interactive sessions. Paul van Nunen, Director Brainport Development, kicks-off with a talk about the impact that smart technologies, knowledge and innovation have on the Brainport region. Other keynote speakers are Maurice van Giezen of Cleantron, Steven Lambert of Spacewell, Inge Veltman of Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis and Josef Schumann of BMW. Furthermore, Holst Centre researchers and engineers pitch the latest solutions for societal challenges and they will present exciting showcases of Holst Centre research demos and prototypes.

Entrance is free of charge, but registration up front is mandatory.