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On Monday in The Hague hundreds of people protested against the planned 5G network. The high level of radiation could have negative consequences on health. However, there is a new technology on the market that uses light waves instead of radio waves, which is not harmful, but much faster, safer and more stable than the current Wifi signal.

In recent months Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, has rolled out some sixty pilots all over the world. Now the new communication technology is taking shape: journalists visiting the press center in the HSV stadium in Hamburg will have the opportunity to use LiFi technology. Signify installed LED lighting equipped with LiFi technology in the football club. In 2024, there will be the European football championships, the EUROCUP. A fast, safe and well-functioning internet is therefore very important so that journalists are able to report on the competitions as well as possible.

Infrared light waves

Signify has installed 84 special Philips LED lamps. 8 of these lamps have a built-in Trulifi 6002, a transmitting and receiving device. This device emits infrared light waves which provide an internet connection with a speed of 150 Mbps.

Journalists who report on the matches are given a USB access key that they can plug into their laptop. This USB stick receives the LiFI signal and sends it back to the led lamp. The entire LiFi system is encrypted. In addition, light waves cannot pass through walls, making it even safer.

Roel Dekoninck from Signify: “Trulifi offers very reliable, secure and fast wireless communication that makes use of the existing and future lighting infrastructure. The technology is aimed at professional markets such as banks, nuclear installations, offices, catering, retail, industry and hospitals. LiFi is complementary to WiFi, yet is also an excellent alternative for places where WiFi is a problem, such as in subways and trains.”

Robust connection

Signify has a variety of commercial Trulifi systems including Trulifi 6013. This uses colored light that generates a solid and secure internet connection of 250 Mbps. As it is now getting very crowded on the radio waves, the advantage of this technology is that LiFi offers the capacity for a dependable bandwidth.