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  • Founders: Corrado Accardi, Enrico Carlin
  • Founded in: 2021, London, UK
  • Employees: 5
  • Money raised: -
  • Ultimate goal: -

Boats are an important means of transportation in Southeast Asia. At present, they all run on fossil fuels but the British company GEMPaCS is going to change that. CEO Corrado Accardi talks to us about it.

What is GEMPaCS? 

“GEMPaCS stands for Green Electric Marine Propulsion & Crafts. We make use of existing technology in a new way. In other words, we don’t manufacture or develop anything ourselves. Before the corona crisis, we were developing our own battery system, but we soon realized that when we were ready to launch that system, it might already be obsolete. The current outlook is that in five years time hydrogen can be used as a fuel.”

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What does GEMPaCS do?

“Four prototypes of our boats are currently in the water in Indonesia. The next generation of boats will have, for example, canopies with solar panels. Since those boats sail mostly during the day, solar-powered boats will always be able to come back to the harbour. Then there are also the engines that we are making. We can either turn existing motors into electric ones or install entirely new ones. Those engines run on batteries, just like electric vehicles. These batteries can be charged overnight and have enough power to propel a twelve-meter boat. The charging stations have yet to be built. This creates extra work opportunities and forms part of our business model. We are committed to getting as much energy from renewable sources as possible, but in the beginning, we are dependent on grey power.”

Why are you taking your products all the way to Indonesia?

“We are not the only company developing more sustainable engines for boats. Our Unique Selling Point is our business model itself. We are in control of the process from beginning to end and therefore do not have to rely on others to do any part of our work. We chose Indonesia because boats are important means of transportation in Indonesia. Most boats there are no longer than twelve meters. If they had been longer, we would have had to use heavier, larger and more expensive batteries. Once we have established a good foundation over there, we can move on to other Asian countries like the Philippines, to name one.”

Why should boat owners choose your product?

“Because they are more economical. We work with international financial institutions that want to issue loans which contribute towards a better environment. Then the boat owners don’t have to pay a cent up front and they get the engine or a new boat immediately. Let’s assume that they normally pay twenty dollars a day for gasoline, now they will only have to spend two dollars to recharge the batteries. With this difference, they can pay back the loan and build a future for themselves. We are busy with fundraising at the moment. Four months after that’s concluded, we will be able to deliver the first products.”