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Investment funds Kickstart Venlo (Rabobank) and LBDF (Province of Limburg), co-invest with the founders € 600,000 in Accerion. This startup emerged in the High Tech XL program late last year at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. With this investment Accerion is their technology – which focuses on a sensor positioning for logistic vehicles – continue to develop and market.

PastedGraphic-4Accerion has developed a module for robots and vehicles to navigate independently. This will make navigation inside buildings easier and cheaper. The sensor determines the exact position of the robot without the need for expensive infrastructure. This provides advantages in logistics and production. Accerion’s technique enables extensive automation, even in dynamic environments where humans and machines are moving continuously.

Accerion provides solutions for smart vehicles in logistics

Accerion’s sensors can replace existing sensors. In this way it is possible to improve an existing vehicle or robot. In addition, the technique can be included in new vehicles. Founder Willem-Jan Lamers: “We always develop in collaboration with our customers. The pilots we are active in, ensure that we follow what is important in the market.”

Vincent Burg, co-founder: “This investment allows us to further develop our product and introduce it in the market. In addition to funding, we expect to get much value from the cooperation with these experienced investors.”

Accerion aims to create truly autonomous robots

The market launch of the positioning system is scheduled for early 2017. Accerion sees an important role for robotics in our lives and aims to create truly autonomous robots. Accerion successfully graduated from the HighTechXL business accelerator at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in 2015. This was where the first contacts with existing investors were established. Accerion then moved to Venlo. Venlo offers opportunities as a logistics hotspot close to Germany, an industrial country. Next week Accerion will present its products at the Hanover Fair.