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It’s easier to do things together – not only in your private life but also in your professional life. The Fraunhofer is also counting on this and has announced a competition for start-up cooperations in the form of a Tandem Camp. Until September 16, 2018, researchers and institutes can apply with their respective start-up partners. The aim of the competition is to promote Fraunhofer start-up cooperations. Tandems do not only get technical support. You can also look forward to project budgets.

Tandem Camp – for whom?

The competition is aimed at all tandems consisting of Fraunhofer researchers and external start-ups who wish to plan or implement joint projects. It is crucial that the teams are motivated and have enough time to develop and implement the project. They should also pursue innovative business models with high market potential. By the way, if start-ups are looking for a suitable Fraunhofer researcher to form a tandem, Fraunhofer helps with matching. Simply fill in a questionnaire.

Tandem Camp – what’s next?

Once the tandem partners have found each other, the joint project idea is developed in phase 1. With the help of a questionnaire, information on the start-up, the institute and the project is queried. Also a project outline, a Startup-Pitchdeck, must be submitted. The application of the tandems takes place online.

Once all applications have been received, Fraunhofer invites selected teams to individual interviews in a first selection procedure. Fraunhofer invites the eight teams with the most convincing projects to a one-day kick-off workshop in Munich. On this day, start-up and research partners are working on the joint cooperation vision and roadmap. Finally, on the evening of the kick-off workshop, the pitch will follow in front of the jury, followed by an award ceremony for the winner. Project budgets will be distributed during the public event: Two with prize money of 15,000 euros each, four budgets of 10,000 euros each and a further two with a sum of 5,000 euros each.

Tandem Camp Extended

Phase 2 of the Tandem Camp is the final phase of the first part. Further presentations for the application for the Tandem Camp Extended will take place here. A jury will award two to three prize monies of a maximum of 60,000 euros each. The winners will be supported between December and March in the areas of business & product design and, among other things, exploitation and financing.

Online application documents

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