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Together with energy, mobility may well be the source of human development. Added to this is the fact that the development of this has taken a very interesting and dynamic route: what is the future of aviation? Can public transport solve the congestion problem? And how exactly do we design our cities in a sustainable and appealing way?

There are also plenty of interesting YouTube channels on these topics that offer a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects. Train drivers, airplane spotters, urban planners, car enthusiasts and anyone interested in tomorrow’s world will find these five mobility channels an excellent way to get on board.

Fully Charged

There are, after all, enough television programs and car magazines, but British channel is all about electric vehicles. And this doesn’t just stop with cars; bicycles, skateboards and infrastructure also pass by.

The presentation is in the hands of the British broadcasters Robert Llewellyn and Jonny Smith, two established names who have years of experience and a smooth presenting style along with the necessary lightheartedness and humor. Videos offer previews, reviews and deal with more than just cars. In addition, sustainable energy and developments in the area of batteries in particular are explained in plain language.

City Beautiful

The impassioned American Dave Amos is an urban planner who likes to look ahead and think in big terms. Usually we don’t really think about it, yet the layout of our cities has an incredible influence on how a society functions.

Amos explains on his City Beautiful channel how to create a beautiful shopping mall or safe residential area, how the laying of asphalt can both make and break a city, and what role public transport can play in all of this. Not only the infrastructure itself, but also the consequences for the residents, are all discussed in detail. Were you formerly a big fan of the Simcity simulation game, or are you playing Cities right now? Skylines? Then this is an excellent channel for you.

Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions is all about everything on land, at sea, in the air and in space. So this British channel is especially enjoyable for viewers who love the whole expanse. British creator Sam mixes this with some lessons on logistics, macroeconomics, social geography and history. These are all ingredients which will help you better understand the world of today and the future, and all this in an appealingly motion graphics presentations which are each 10 to 15 minutes long.

How is a research center in Antarctica supplied? What does climate change mean for shipping routes and flight paths? And why can China build high-speed railway lines so quickly and efficiently while a simple metro in the Netherlands takes decades?


When you think of innovation in the field of mobility, for many people the name Tesla soon comes to mind. Also in the field of marketing and video – they have everything under control. Of course, this channel is mainly an advertising platform where they present their own vehicles, solar cells and batteries in as good a light as possible.

Elon Musk’s company has a faithful fan base who at any given time do not want to miss out on a single update. What are the latest developments in the field of AI drivers and how do they ensure that dogs left in the car do not die from the heat during hot summer months? Tesla demonstrates this and much more in an apt way with videos that usually last less than two minutes.

CPG Grey

CPG Grey explains things as only he can; this YouTube channel has been the source of inspiration for many educational filmmakers. CPG Grey’s videos could actually fit into any compilation because he is so versatile.

Nevertheless, this Brit is also keenly interested in infrastructure and traffic. Things that at first glance seem simple or self-evident are often not that at all. And this is exactly what he wants you to know. The filmmaker really makes sure you will not get lost in this tidal wave of trivial facts. How do you solve the congestion problem? What is the most efficient way for passengers to take a seat on an airplane? He has a comprehensive answer to this and to many more questions that you didn’t even know you had.

CPG Grey has been active since 2011 and also tackles issues such as state affairs, AI, Brexit and geography.

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