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The new timetable, starting later this year, Hermes is offering additional lines to the International School. There will be a bus to ISE twice per hour in rush hour and one per hour in off-peak hours. The existing “students line” (189) will be maintained. The exact route of the new line is still part of negotiations with the municipality.

“Our preference is to offer a route along the Oirschotsedijk, but this road is a pedestrianized area by the municipality,” says Els van der Rijt, concession manager at Hermes. “The alternative is a route along the Achtseweg South, but that is less focused and, moreover, the walking distances from the bus stop to/from the International School will be 500 meters extra.”

The existing school students line is maintained. But who drives a few rides, only at times when the students have to go to school (morning and afternoon). There is currently therefore no daytime bus closer than Anthony Fokkerweg (walk about 800 meters).

Hermes has more plans that will become visible in the near future. In mid-April the first 92 coaches will be re-colored in red and white, the Brabant flag. In addition, the interiors will be adjusted for more comfort, for example with 6 USB ports in the back of the buses.


From December this year Hermes will be driving 43 all-electric buses on urban high quality public transport (HOV). Eindhoven, according to Hermes, is the first city where on a large scale “zero emission buses” (transport without emissions of harmful CO2) are introduced. In addition, 65 new Euro VI diesel buses will be deployed.

The electric buses in Eindhoven are the first step of a full transition to zero-emission bus. After four years, most of the other buses are also replaced by electric buses.