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OpenRemote, a professional open-source IoT project based out of Eindhoven, has released a new version of its platform that is simple enough for non-coders to use. It allows users to create IoT applications that can be customized for energy, city, and asset management purposes.

Originally launched in 2016, the new OpenRemote platform opens the entrance threshold to those within business or project management roles.

“Our newly designed front-end manager is powerfully intuitive. It enables integrators and installers to create realms, roles, users, assets, and protocol agent connections without the need to code,” explains Pierre Kil, CEO of OpenRemote.  “OpenRemote’s front-end dashboard and web component library provide the building blocks for developers to unleash their creativity to produce their own smart IoT applications.”


Simply put, OpenRemote gives the power to a business manager to take control of the various systems under their management. If we take a business manager within an airport, for instance, they will have energy management, asset management, security, and border control under their purview. Using OpenRemote, this business manager can create applications that oversee the different mechanics within that airport, provide data regarding energy usage, monitor security workflows, and assign staff to different checkpoints for border control – all connected within one interface.

OpenRemote allows users to create if-then rules and edit workflows for data processing. This allows for automatization within a business. An asset manager in charge of multiple buildings within a city could create a rule, for example, that automates lighting and sanitary functions. It can also be customized to give staff within a building the ability to intervene in these rules should they need to. One can tailor the rules for each building and only give shared access to the application by staff from within their respective building, while retaining the ability to control everything from the same diagnostic screen.

“Today, OpenRemote’s 100 percent open-source platform is helping to build smart cities, smart buildings, smart airports, and many other smart sectors,” says Kil.  “The opportunities for innovation are boundless, they are open to imagination, creativity, and skill!”

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