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Eneco Group acquires the Dutch sales and supply activities of Uniper Benelux. Uniper is active in the Netherlands with some 200 employees in Eindhoven under the E.ON brand name. Eneco will gain around 200,000 private and corporate energy customers as a result of the agreement. With the acquisition, Eneco wants to grow further in the field of sustainable energy and innovative energy services, according to the company in an explanation.

Kees-Jan Rameau, Chief Strategic Growth Officer of Eneco Group: “Our customers not only expect green power but also the means to take control of their own energy, as they can already do with Toon, Jedlix’s smart-charging app or a solar-panel battery at home. Thanks to this step, we will be able to help even more people save money and make them sustainable.”

According to Eneco, for the time being, nothing changes for E.ON’s customers: the contract terms and rates remain the same. Eventually, they will become Eneco’s customers. “This will enable them to make energy services and products from Eneco such as Hollandse Wind, the smart thermostat tone or a home battery”, says Eneco.

Also for the approximately 200 employees of Uniper, most of whom work in Eindhoven, nothing will change in the short term. Later this year though, the Eindhoven office will be closed. In the coming period, both companies will look at how best to merge the activities, most likely with the office in Rotterdam. Eneco says that employees will get a chance to move to Rotterdam. For those who are not able to move, other solutions will be looked for.

Eneco Group and Uniper Benelux have not disclosed any financial details of this transaction.