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Switching to electric freight isn’t as simple as replacing every diesel truck with an electric truck. In addition to vehicles and human resources, such as drivers, there are a range of infrastructure components – both physical and digital – needed for effective and efficient operations. The Swedish company Einride offers all the necessary elements as part of a one-stop solution.

Since IO spoke to Einride four years ago, a lot has happened. The company grew from start-up to the leading operator of heavy electric transport in Sweden and the United States. Recently, it announced launches in Germany and Norway.

For example, it’s teaming up with Benelux brewery AB InBev. With the all-electric fleet of heavy haul trucks between Brussels and Leuven, the brewer is expected to reduce its CO2 emissions by 500 tons annually.

Einride is contributing to a cost-effective future for freight transportation. To this end, it deploys its intelligent platform Einride Saga. Combined with the deployment of electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure and connectivity networks, Einride provides its customers with a total solution.