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Intrinsic-ID, the Eindhoven-American IT-company with branches in Silicon Valley and on High Tech Campus, has won the 2016 Innovation Radar Prize on Tuesday, the prize has been awarded by the European Commission.Intrisic-ID win was credited to its authentification technology. According to the European Commission, the Dutch company has developed a unique technology which makes it a world leader in IT-security.

The company technology uses biometrics to help computerchips aknowledge other chips around the world. “Just like a human being, a chip posesses unique biometric qualities. We teach the chips to judge whether or not it’s safe to communicate with other chips”,  Pim Tuyls, one of the companies co-founders, said in an earlier interview.


The European Commission has created the Innovation Radar Prize to stimulate innovation in Europe. For this years edition 40 organizations were nominated in 4 different categories. Intrinsic-ID won the prize in the Excellent Science category. The company was also named the winner of the Overall prize. Both prizes were handed out during the ICT Proposers’ Day 2016, in Bratislava.

Intrinsic-ID is winner in the category Excellent Science and overall winner #innovationradar 2016 #ICTpropday! Thanks to our supporters!

The winner was picked by a jury of four. To get to the finals in Bratislava, a public voting system was used. In total, a number of 28.000 votes were issued, nominating 16 innovative companies. This edition was the second in the history of the awards. The first one was awarded in 2015.

Innovation Radar
The innovation radar has been set up by the European Commission to aim the spotlight at projects that have a leading innovative role in their area. The nominated projects, all have received funding by the European Commission in the past.

Read the full interview about Intrinsic-ID’s technology and theur move to Silicon Valley with co-founder Pim Tuyls here.