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LUMO Labs and the Netherlands Enabling Water Technology (NEW) Fund have invested €800,000 in the Wetsus spin-off HULO.ai. The startup develops algorithms to address the waste of drinking water.

This investment enables the start-up to expand into new markets, particularly regions where water scarcity and leakage are critical. The money will be used to optimize the scalability of HULO.ai’s cloud solution and make it easier to adapt to different market needs worldwide. The start-up offers an AI solution that detects leaks within water distribution networks in real time and enables efficient interventions.

Testing ground

The solution has been tested at Dutch water companies. By using AI, HULO.ai introduces a solution that it says is not only more efficient but also more sustainable. It minimizes the need for extensive physical infrastructure controls, reduces water loss, and ultimately helps preserve one of our most precious natural resources.

Co-founder and CEO Robbert Lodewijks wants his company to accelerate more sustainable water management solutions. “We are, therefore, delighted with the investors we now have on board. It’s not just about the investment; the knowledge these investors have on board is invaluable for the global impact we want to make with this company.”

Andy Lürling, founding partner of LUMO Labs, sees the potential in HULO.ai to transform water management and make it more sustainable worldwide. “The growing need for sustainable water management solutions results from a life-defining challenge that affects us all.” UNICEF states that if we do not act quickly, half of the world’s population will live in water-scarce areas as early as 2025. While HULO.ai is only part of the solution, the team is determined to meet this global challenge and make an impact.

Sven Bakkes, Founding Partner of LUMO Labs, praises the founders’ drive. “They have a proven track record of innovation and collaboration; these are important aspects of their unique potential to create real and lasting impact.”


Based in Leeuwarden, HULO.ai can take advantage of the region’s rich heritage in water management, including its proximity to the Wetsus Research Institute. This location provides access to research and talent and situates the company in one of Europe’s most innovative water technology hubs. Organizations such as Water Alliance and Isle Utilities on the Water Campus help HULO.ai achieve its goals.

The Netherlands Enabling Watertechnology (NEW) fund supports start-ups active in the water technology sector. Boudewijn Hulst, Investment Manager at NEW, points to intelligent and efficient management of water systems as one of its focus areas. “HULO.ai’s solution fits into this framework. Loss of clean drinking water due to leaks and ineffective infrastructure management is a growing problem in a world increasingly facing a scarcity of clean water.”

Co-founder Rudy Dijkstra does some more math on what is at stake: “Our mission is to save the equivalent of four billion Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with fresh drinking water.”

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