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This year, eighteen Dutch innovation projects will receive funding to boost energy transition in cities, towns, and neighborhoods. With a total budget of €6.5 million, TKI Urban Energy has selected projects representing a wide range of innovations, from improved solar panel yields to advanced heat pumps and intelligent energy management systems. 

The projects focus on improving, optimizing, or innovating energy systems at the local level. This includes making more efficient use of available energy resources, developing new energy generation and storage technologies, and exploring ways to improve regional energy grids.

In terms of innovation, new materials, developing advanced manufacturing processes, and applying cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and additive manufacturing are being sought to address energy-related challenges.

A total of eighteen projects have been selected, including improving solar panel yields in the event of shading through a PV balancer. This should enable energy generation on buildings with a lot of shade. Or developing machine learning algorithms to understand smart meter data for better use of grid capacity and expansion. A third example is the further development of thermal heat storage modules with a focus on 3D composite structures and scalable manufacturing techniques.

TKI Urban Energy

TKI Urban Energy stimulates innovation in the energy transition of the built environment. With a focus on circular energy innovation, the initiative facilitates collaboration between public and private parties to develop sustainable solutions that contribute to a just and livable society. TKI Urban Energy is part of the Top Sector Energy and is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.