Jan Rietsema, CEO of Smart BioMaterials Consortium (l), and Otto van den Boogaard, CEO of High Tech Campus Eindhoven
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Smart BioMaterials Consortium (SBMC) and High Tech Campus Eindhoven are setting up a pilot production facility for smart biomaterials. The plant can be used to develop new regenerative medical therapies in which the body can repair itself.

“In the Brainport Eindhoven region, we are very good at inventing smart products for regenerative medicine, but the road to the patient is long and bumpy,” said Jan Rietsema, SBMC’s CEO. “We will make sure that the path from patent to patient is faster. That is good for the patient and good for the dozens of start-up companies in Southeast Brabant, such as Xeltis, STENTiT and VivArt-X, which are leading the way in the development of new biomaterials. All these companies are welcome to use the shared facilities to develop their scale-up and production issues further.”

Xeltis, STENTiT and VivArt-X are all former Gerard & Anton award winners.

Otto van den Boogaard, CEO of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, expressed his delight at SBMC’s choice for the campus. “This decision confirms our position as a global hub in the healthcare field and highlights our important role in supporting emerging innovation clusters. Our outstanding facilities allow these dynamic clusters to develop and achieve breakthrough developments in both healthcare and technology.”

National Pilot Plant

SBMC’s pilot manufacturing facility is part of the National Pilot Factory for Regenerative Medicine. This ecosystem of specialized pilot lines receives funding from the National Growth Fund. It supports universities, research institutes, start-ups, and industry in developing, testing, scaling up, and manufacturing new therapies for regenerative medicine.

SBMC’s manufacturing facility will be located in building HTC 11 and will soon feature four GMP cleanrooms totaling 400 square meters, a quality control laboratory, and office and warehouse spaces. In addition to the pilot production facility, expected to open in 2025, SBMC already has a biomaterials development lab on the TU/e campus.