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Since June the 14th, electric scooters have been permitted in Germany for the first time. And already they are out and about in increasing numbers on cycle paths and roads. Most of these vehicles are still rented scooters. For short distances from the bus stop to work or just for fun for an hour. The rental companies take care of recharging the batteries.

But the demand for the small scooters is huge. As soon as everyone who wants their own scooter gets one, the question of where-to-put-it-when-I-don’t-need-it and recharging arises. With an average range of around 20 kilometers per single charge, being able to recharge quickly on the road rather than at home would, of course, be convenient.

The Saxon start-up Mein Lagerraum³ has seen to the matter and developed a special eMobility container, which was presented for the first time at the e4 TESTIVAL at Hockenheimring in mid June. The company has elaborately modified discarded shipping containers and equipped them with a photovoltaic system. These containers can be set up anywhere. Since no special construction measures are necessary, they are mobile and flexible.

© Mein Lagerraum³

Parking lot and charging station at the same time

Thanks to an efficient photovoltaic system and buffer battery, one container offers charging possibilities for a total of 14 e-bikes or e-scooters. Different locking systems for the container’s built-in Plexiglas sliding doors, which can be locked and opened either with an RFID key or an app, guarantee safety. In addition to the bikes and scooters, personal items can also be stored in lockers.

“Particularly in urban areas, it is becoming increasingly important to find alternatives to the car and to set up the appropriate infrastructure. The e4 TESTIVAL impressively demonstrates how suitable electric mobility is for everyday use nowadays,” said Patrick Schmieder, Managing Director of Mein Lagerraum³ GmbH. “And with our eMobility container, we can also contribute in making electric bicycles easier to use. We are therefore very pleased to have the opportunity to present our eMobility container here, and see this as an incentive to further expand our service and become even better.”

Winfried Hermann, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Transport, was the patron of the e4 TESTIVAL 2019. In addition to Mein Lagerraum³, eleven other start-ups presented their ideas for the mobility of the future in rural and urban areas. The e4 TESTIVAL at Hockenheimring is a consumer trade fair for electric vehicles and took place for the second time this year.

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