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Digital wills, careful data management, virtual signatures: notaries urgently need innovations that can support their profession. For this reason, the Dutch Royal Notarial Association (KNB) has decided to join Techruption, the innovation program of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

Notary of the future

The notary profession – perhaps one of the most stable professions of the last century – wants to be on the move. “The notary of the future is more and more an advisor who ensures the legal protection of citizens”, says Leon Roseleur, involved in the Innovation Platform of the KNB. “This includes sophisticated digital systems with careful data management. We believe that we can best develop them together with partners and organizations that are also in the midst of the digital transition.”

Roseleur hopes to find those knowledgeable partners at the Brightlands Campus in Heerlen. “The unique innovation program Techruption supports smart data scientists in identifying usable technologies, overcoming digital challenges and co-creating smart solutions.”


KNB does not occupy an office on the Heerlen campus. “We will delegate members of our organization to meetings”, says Roseleur. “We want to actively participate in hackathons and seminars and collaborate in concrete projects.” The first joint project is “Self Sovereign Identity“, a technology to make the exchange of data more transparent and secure. An example of this is the digitization of wills.


The enormous amount of data that KNB brings in is also interesting for other organizations on the Brightlands campus, Techruption director Pieter Custers says. “We want to build up as many use cases as possible around data analysis. The presence of a big group like KNB is important for this.”

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