Dutch Mountains impressie juni 2019
© Gemeente Eindhoven

The new station area to be developed in Eindhoven is to become the city’s high-tech business card. The Dutch Mountains project initially wanted to realise something similar on the A2 between Eindhoven and the nearby municipality Veldhoven. Since the latter turned out to be unfeasible, the maps have been set out on a combination of both plans. And with temporary success: this week, the municipality of Eindhoven and The Mountains Corporation signed a ground reservation for a location between the station and the TU/e campus on Dorgololaan. According to Lennart Graaff of The Mountains Corporation, the collaboration includes the realisation of a green integration, smart mobility solutions and a good connection with the city centre.

In the meantime, the design of The Dutch Mountains has been adapted to the new environment. The plan is still to combine a lower middle section with rising edges on both sides, but overall it has become a bit more compact and the ends have been changed into gigantic towers of which the highest could be about 150 meters. Also on the other side of the station, for District-Ehigh (residential) towers have been planned by Amvest.

Dutch Mountains impressie juni 2019
Dutch Mountains Impressions June 2019

Under the name ‘Eindhoven Internationale Knoop XL’ (‘Eindhoven International Node XL’), the entire station area of Eindhoven will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming years. As one of the most important economic core areas of the Netherlands, the aim is to increase both the level of facilities and accessibility. The area around the station is approximately 55 hectares. Last month, the government, the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Eindhoven signed an agreement to this effect.

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    Dutch Mountains locatie
    Dutch Mountains Location (©  Google maps)

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    With Internationale Knoop XL Eindhoven wants to make the identity of technology, design and knowledge more visible. Graaff: “The area around the station must become the business card of Brainport Eindhoven and Brabant. A place where people meet, where exchange takes place and where the economic power of the region is visible and tangible. The area will be the centre between top locations in the region and an area that connects the region nationally and internationally”.

    The two high towers of The Dutch Mountains’ drawings are connected by a communal space that will function as the “lobby of the city”, says Graaff. “The Dutch Mountains is an interactive environment in which working, staying, learning, meeting and relaxing are interwoven. The project includes plans for housing, shortstay apartments, a hotel, offices, co-work spaces, a business centre and facilities such as catering and wellness.”

    Dutch Mountains impressie juni 2019
    Dutch Mountains Impressions June 2019


    The Dutch Mountains will be realized on the Dommel right between the station and the TU Eindhoven. Graaff: “It is precisely this intersection between the city centre and the campus that lends itself to the development of a lively location where collectivity, optimism, fun and relaxation are key.” The initiators behind The Dutch Mountains (The Mountains Corporation, a collaboration between BLOC, Studio Marco Vermeulen and Urban Xchange) say that with this project they want to make a prominent contribution to a healthy and conscious urbanisation of the station area.

    Dutch Mountains impressie juni 2019
    Dutch Mountains Impressions June 2019

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