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Planet has teamed up with ASR Dutch Science Park Fund (DSPF) to boost the innovative ecosystem at Biotech Campus Delft (BCD). Established in 2020, Planet has attracted numerous biotech companies and established expert networks. ASR DSPF will invest €500 million over 20 years in real estate, partnering exclusively with Planet to expand the campus. DSM will remain the landlord and improve accessibility for long-term development.

BCD’s growth focuses on sustainable food solutions, highlighting the importance of biotechnology in creating environmentally-friendly alternatives for consumer products and food. This partnership aims at future growth and accommodating fast-growing scale-ups and larger companies, promoting knowledge-sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Crucial innovation nodes

DSM and ASR DSPF have entered into an agreement, with ASR DSPF investing half a billion euros into real estate at BCD over a period of 20 years [1]. This investment aligns with Groeiagenda Zuid-Holland, which identifies campuses like BCD as crucial innovation nodes for collaboration between SMEs, startups, large companies, research institutions, and educational institutions in the region [2]. The Biotech Campus Delft focuses on sustainable solutions addressing climate change, resource scarcity, and sustainable healthy food production for a growing global population [2].

Chris van Voorden, Head of Internationalisation at InnovationQuarter, expressed his enthusiasm for the new investment: “Collaboration with ASR enables Biotech Campus Delft’s development into a unique location for global bioscience firms, particularly startups and scale-ups in the field. InnovationQuarter is a proud partner and supporter of the Biotech Campus, which will continue playing a crucial role in the biotech ecosystem in the Rotterdam-Den Haag region” [2].

Planet’s role in the partnership

The joint ambition of Planet, DSM, and ASR DSPF is to develop BCD into a world-leading campus for biotechnology that will fuel the Dutch knowledge and innovation sector, with a strong focus on sustainable food solutions [1].

ASR DSPF will soon invest in two new buildings on BCD: one new global head office for DSM’s Food and Beverage business group, which will also provide state-of-the-art facilities for applications in food, and one new multi-tenant scale-up building [1]. In time, the fund shall acquire existing multi-tenant buildings currently let by Planet, taking over the real estate and facility management activities, allowing the team to focus on their core activity of building a strong ecosystem that adds value to the companies at BCD and encouraging further growth [1].

Continuity of development

Cindy Gerhardt, director of Planet, welcomed ASR DSPF as a new partner, stating: “We are delighted to welcome ASR DSPF as our new partner to ensure the continuity of the development of the Biotech Campus Delft. ASR DSPF will bring in the funds and the expertise to develop new real estate to make this possible” [1].

Ruud Roosen, fund director of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, emphasized the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities on campus like BCD: “By working closely with Planet and its partners, we can guarantee that the Biotech Campus Delft will grow into a vibrant internationally renowned innovation ecosystem” [1].

Biotechnology’s role in a sustainable future

Biotechnology is recognized as a key technology for transforming the wider production industry, moving away from fossil sources and living animals, and creating planet-friendly alternatives for consumer products and food [1]. Planet supports this vision by enabling companies to develop and commercialize their biotech solutions, providing a local hub with access to lab space, pilot facilities, and space for industrial production with relevant environmental permits [3].

With the partnership between Planet and ASR DSPF, Biotech Campus Delft is set to become a leading international hub for biotech innovation, promoting environmentally sustainable solutions and fostering collaboration between companies, universities, and research institutions.


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