DS Automobiles DS 9 (image: Stellantis)
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DS Automobiles steps into the future by piloting the use of ChatGPT in its vehicles, a first in Europe. The artificial intelligence service provides a ‘conversational experience’ to drivers, enhancing their journey with its voice-activated DS Iris infotainment system. Available to 20,000 owners of select DS models, this feature can be instantly activated remotely. It enables interaction with a variety of functions via speech recognition, even capable of creating quizzes or children’s stories. With a no-extra-cost offer for initial subscribers, this development aligns with Stellantis’ strategic focus and the Dare Forward 2030 strategy.

The integration of ChatGPT into DS Automobiles

ChatGPT, the renowned generative artificial intelligence model, is making its debut in the automotive world with DS Automobiles. This integration transforms the DS Iris System into a knowledgeable digital assistant. This new feature enhances the conventional voice recognition capabilities and adds a high-tech dimension to travel. It is available on all DS Automobiles models equipped with the DS Iris System. Drivers can now ask complex questions, make requests, and even engage in more enjoyable activities such as storytelling or creating quizzes without taking their eyes off the road

The integration of ChatGPT is currently being piloted with 20,000 DS Iris System users, as part of a six-month testing phase within Stellantis. The feature can be activated remotely through the DS Services store. The carmaker offers this feature at no extra cost to the initial subscribers.

This new feature will be available in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy.

ChatGPT: transforming the driving experience

ChatGPT works in collaboration with the DS Iris System, providing drivers with a unique onboard experience. The integration of ChatGPT into the DS Iris System allows drivers to submit a variety of requests without taking their eyes off the road. By merely saying ‘OK Iris’ or pressing a button on the steering wheel, the voice control system activates.

DS Automobiles’ integration of ChatGPT aligns with Stellantis’ strategic focus and the Dare Forward 2030 strategy. Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis Chief Software Officer, stated that since ChatGPT became available, they worked to integrate it into their systems.

ChatGPT: the future auto companion

ChatGPT’s integration into DS Automobiles marks a high-tech revolution in the industry. Not only does it provide practical benefits, such as asking questions and receiving suggestions on places to visit or recipes to try, but it also offers a unique appeal by transforming each trip into a new discovery. However, DS Automobiles emphasises that ChatGPT’s responses may not always be accurate, correct, or objective.