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In our Sunday newsletter, we, as editors, reflect on the past seven days. We do this on the initiative of our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker. He chooses a subject, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

It’s summer, and it’s Sunday. There is little better than drinking a beer in the sun. It may not be the healthiest option. But what if you could use this habit to help increase food security and take the burden off agriculture and animal husbandry?

Recent Swedish research shows that brewery waste is suitable for growing edible fungi. The same study also explored the possibilities of using waste for biofuel and bioplastics. Conclusion? The potential is huge. French start-up Yeasty is already doing this: they recycle the spent yeast into nutritious, protein-rich flour for plant-based meat or sports food. Read more about it in this article.

More good news. An important step has been taken in the fight against severe migraine and cluster headaches with Salvia’s foil implant.

Here’s what else caught our eye last week:

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Have an innovative, sunny week!