All around the world, cities and companies are looking to Eindhoven as an example to learn from. The smartest square kilometer of Europe, the city of light, the place where photonics and high tech hardware seem to grow faster than anywhere else. On different levels, Eindhoven has become a success story. But how sustainable is the Eindhoven model?

Conversation & Debate: 

24 June 2016 | 15:30 – 18:00 | The Colour Kitchen (High Tech Campus, The Strip)

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    Two recently published interesting books have focused on the unique position of Eindhoven. One is written by Hans Horsten and departing mayor Rob van Gijzel (“The City that Creates the Future), the other by Antoine van Agtmael and Alfred Bakker (“Smartest Places on Earth“). Both focus on the way Eindhoven has emerged from a city in a situation of misery into a city where more things than ever are going very well. But both look into the threats as well.

    So how sustainable is Eindhoven’s success? What more does this city need to stay on top? What choices do we have to make the future even brighter? What is the competition up to? Which circumstances do we need to look for – or avoid?

    To find the answers, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is organising a public meeting with Rob van Gijzel and Fred Bakker. In a conversation with the authors and a debate with the audience, all the relevant themes will be addressed. The debate will be directed by E52’s Bart Brouwers. Language is English.

    15:30 – 15:45 Venue open
    15:45 – 16:30 Conversation and debate
    16:30 Drinks

    Entrance is free, but registration is required

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