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All designers look at the future differently, they see the future in dystopian robots and interconnected cars. At the crossroads of design and technology is where the future is made. You can see the latest technologies of the three Dutch technical universities and artist impressions of the future along the Future Living route. So do you want a sneak preview of the future? Then explore the future of living at Dutch Design Week.

Annelies Termeer, of the VPRO Medialab, talks about what Future Living could be: “Here at Home Smart Home, a project of VPRO Medialab, we explore the future of living together with smart devices. In the future, we will all have a smart speaker, a smart fridge and a smart TV. How will these impact our lives? At the Van Abbehuis, we present four scenarios, showing how this could work out in the future. We really want people to start thinking how do we want this in our lives, what role do we want smart devices to play and how far should this go?”