DashTag, the Sports Tech Company that has its roots in Eindhoven, has raised €800,000 seed investment to roll out its Sports Bot technology that enables soccer players to get their own personal data. With the investment, the product will be able to enter the market in the Netherlands and the United States later this year.

aaDashTag has received favorable responses from soccer academies in the US, thus making its sports data accessible across the globe. The Dash – a tiny wearable sensor – measures sprints and all its derivatives, such as maximum speed, distance and the amount of sprints. It is a crucial part of the digital platform for a player’s data and statistics to be shown by computer games as FIFA17 and FootballManager.

“Powered by an artificial intelligence dashboard, the bot communicates with players in a way that they are already familiar with from popular video games such as FIFA17 and FootballManager or a platform like Twitch,” co-founder Dirk van den Berg says.

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The new technology aims at youth from 13 to 24 years old; with its innovative Dash, the bot-players will be able to get their own sports data that can be relayed to their favorite messaging platforms.

“We saw an opportunity to bring tech to every soccer player, from amateur to professionals, to can measure their performance when they enter the field to play and after playing as well,” the co-founder declares.


He argues that their products focus on individual players as opposed to a team as it helps them to see their stats on the social media platform. “The Dash measures highly accurate sprints during a match or training session, the bot engages the user on a personal level,” Van den Berg adds.

The DashTag co-founder points to a number of efforts his company is taking, ranging from using soccer academies in different countries to utilize the Sports Bot system to the company’s new location in Rotterdam. Which he says is to get a strong footing in the High Tech vicinity in the Randstad.

According to Van den Berg, the merge between the online game and a real soccer match is happening – DashTag unifies individual stats with the FIFA stats and this he believes will revolutionize soccer. “We have got a new challenging innovative product for soccer players. Many people play soccer but there’s a new interaction going on that enables players, coaches and clubs to convert the data into useful insights and apply these across all levels of soccer from tactics and behaviour aspects to motivation and optimism of the team’s performance and results,” Van den Berg remarks.

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