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It’s said that hackers attack every 39 seconds; we’re living in a very dangerous age thanks to the rise of technology and all of its potential flaws. But despite this, businesses are becoming more and more secure thanks to the digital age. 

After all, there’s a lot more tech out there for companies to rely on, and we’re becoming more and more wise to the way scammers and other criminals work. Indeed, it could be considered easier than ever to keep an organisation, and all of its individuals, entirely safe. 

Success in the business world can only be built on a secure foundation. So, to shed a little more light on how this works, here are the top ways businesses are becoming more secure in 2020. 

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Training is more relevant than ever. With technological developments, such as the internet alone, capable of creating more than a million jobs in some countries, training employees to use it is key to achieving success in business security. Data security is the main worry here. 

When an employee doesn’t know how to access the cloud servers, or log off securely, or even store new customer details in these servers, breaches can occur, and most often do. Being able to follow the basic security protocols a company puts in place is the most desirable trait an employee can have, and further training only builds on this trust from there. 

Plenty of Security Checks

Security checks are more of a priority than ever. With recent scares around the world, organizations are hotter on security than anything else in the workplace, and it’s important to keep this in mind when considering just how safe the working world is. Not only that but internal security, as well as external security, are becoming more refined. Better security cameras, better alarm systems, and better security checks. 

Indeed, one such security check method to keep the workplace safe is via using a ‘virtual address’. Sites such as offer addresses for companies to make use of, to have any and all physical mail scanned, screened, and evaluated before being sent on to the actual recipient. This ensures only relevant mail makes it to the company, and there’s no worry over receiving a dangerous or insecure package. 

Perfectly Fitting Tech to Their Needs

And finally, via the use of software and various new hardware, a company’s security needs can be addressed right down to the last details. A cloud server alone can be scaled to the needs of the organization it serves – a sudden increase in customer data, over holiday periods such as Christmas, is very unlikely to slow down or crash a server to the point where hackers can get in these days. The technology at hand can be adapted in a matter of moments, thanks to pre-built templates. 

Businesses are becoming more and more secure in the current decade. The majority of people are working with tech, with plenty manning the cybersecurity frontlines.