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As a result of the current corona situation we decided a few weeks ago to go fully digital, remote, and with all our training of Holland Innovative “Live Online Interactive Training”.

However, going digital is not a step only caused by the coronavirus. We continuously are investigating ways to improve and innovate on learning and development methodology. The basis of our training has always been the combination with practice, interactions and accelerating the learning curve of our participants and customers. That’s why we investigate in user groups, challenge-based learning, digital learning environments and other ways to innovate in talent development.

The health of our participants, trainers and all professionals is utmost important. That’s why we decided to go 100% digital and expanded our business to 3 digital offices, well equipped and fully operational with Microsoft Teams. This means that every training of the Holland Innovative Academy will continue – and fully digital! Take a look at our academy agenda and be sure to effectively use the corona-break! And there’s even more. We’re preparing free 4 PM seminar sessions starting 30 March with the seminars “Data Science for Six Sigma GBs & BBs” and “New analytics, new forms of data, new opportunities … will data science be the next step in Six Sigma?” More 4 PM seminars will be coming from partners as well. All the information can be found on our website soon.

Last week we successfully completed our MBB-training and this week we started the GB-training. Customers like VDL, Eriks and famous other HI-partners decided, after successfully launching this solution, to perform their complete programs in this way! For next week, we are now preparing the free enrollment course like Project management, Reliability, FMEA and Fundamentals for Medical Device Development.
To get a connection with our participants we start with a 1on1 intake between participant and trainer, also to get to know each other and align personal development goals to be able to get the max out of the training.

Of course, this digital way is a change for participants as well as for the trainers. To both, we ask to step out of their comfort zone, together we need to find out how to be as successful as possible.

We’re happy to inform you that the results are more than promising:

“Well done to @Holland Innovative. Jeroen De Mast is so inspirational that following remotely is as lively as being in the room!”

“Very well organized!! Thanks for the flexibility!!

“It was like I was with you in the room”

“Today I tested remote training together with Marcel Logger; conclusion this is going very well! I am very enthusiastic because we can certainly make it interactive in this way.”

In my opinion, the approach of going fully digital is a big opportunity for a new way of working. Our life after the corona period will definitely be different from the period before. I believe this corona period will change our life and way of working and will force us to do things differently.

Will this be easy? Certainly not! We all need to step out of our comfort zone, willing to change, to adapt and willing to improve. We need to be agile and to continuously adapt and improve, together!

Being an online social entrepreneur, of course, we will be missing our direct social contacts. However, we need to deal with the current situation and get the best out of it. I’m sure we will learn from it and I strongly believe that after the corona period, some hybrid solutions, including blended learning, will be developed even more. As classroom teaching has a big added value; we will create new learning solutions thanks to our current experiences, let’s just try and find the best out of two worlds.

Do we need to wait? Can we shift our plans in time? Of course, we can but why wait instead of acting now, how long will it take? What you have learned today, you can use for tomorrow and nobody can take it away from you.

Together with a diversity of stakeholders in our network, from tech to design to science, from profit to non-profit, we will organize a concept workshop with the theme “digital interactive learning” sometime in the coming weeks. Please follow the updates on our website, subscribe for our 4 PM seminars and look out for our other initiatives (because there’s much more to come!) Join us and let’s together shape the future of learning.

I’m looking forward to your reactions and like to virtual see and actively hear you in one of the next sessions. If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, please send your reaction to [email protected] and [email protected].

Hans Meeske
Holland Innovative
[email protected]