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Representatives of more than 80 governments, 100 civil society organisations, and 130 companies agreed on Monday at the Climate Summit South in Breda on a series of actions to combat climate change and use energy more intelligently. In total there were about 800 participants in the Breda FutureDome.

There are already many sustainable initiatives in the south of the Netherlands. These initiatives came together at the Climate Summit South. The first quick wins were appointed in group sessions:

– Magnify the schoolyards in your municipality.
– Join the natural gas-free district.
– Give building materials a second life.
– Harvest your solar energy on the farmers’ roof in your neighbourhood.

The agreements made concern themes such as sustainable energy, circular economy, and climate adaptation: making the living environment climate-proof against extreme rainfall, heat, and drought. In this way, the participants laid the foundation for an “Action programme for Climate Stream South”. Commissioners of the King Van de Donk (Brabant) and Polman (Zeeland) presented the results to Ed Nijpels (chairman of the National Climate Agreement Consultative Table) and to the regional chairmen in the three southern provinces as input for the National Climate Agreement. In the autumn, this should result in a concrete action programme with a request to the national government to actively support this programme with a financial contribution.

Ed Nijpels

Source: press release province of Brabant