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In cooperation with Sanicare, Carin will soon be available in Sweden as well. The wearable pelvic floor trainer – developed and made by LifeSense Group in Eindhoven – is entering the home country of Tena, a world leader in this sector.

Carin is a sustainable solution for stress incontinence for women varying from the ages of 25 and 65. The product empowers women to cure from stress incontinence by exercising their pelvic floor muscles with the special app and smart underwear.

Eline van Uden, Carin’s Product Manager: “For LifeSense Group this partnership enables access to the Scandinavian market with Sanicare. Operating in the Swedish saturated market, Sanicare distinguishes from others with their mission to extend their assortment to revolutionary solutions for incontinence. The company is specialized in direct sales of incontinence products with contracted healthcare providers, businesses, government and individuals in Sweden.”

Carin is developed with the purpose of helping everyday women manage bladder control issues. The line of hi-tech, absorbent underwear allows women to monitor urine loss throughout the day. Sanicare is a leading supplier of assistive products on the Nordic market.