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It’s almost Christmas; time for charity requests. Don’t worry, Innovation Origins is doing pretty well. Compared to last year, our number of unique visitors per month has almost tripled to over 75,000. Thanks to our explainers (now in a new YouTube Channel), we can offer more interesting videos than ever, our podcast (for this moment, primarily in Dutch) attracts more and more listeners. Our events remain popular and the magazine we published this year, was a success. Enough reason for us to think we’re doing something right for our growing European audience. But still, this doesn’t give us any reason to sit back and relax.

Next year, Innovation Origins, with its independent journalism around innovation and technology, wants to keep growing bigger and better. For example, in addition to our regular news and backgrounds, we plan to make at least ten well-researched files on important forward-looking themes such as mobility, energy and artificial intelligence. And yes, to reach this goal, we could use some help from you as well.

Because good journalism costs a lot of money, we would like to draw your attention to the Donate button you can find underneath every article. If you like what we are doing, a click on this button might be something to consider. Even if you would think otherwise, but still would want to keep reading: be our guest! At the same time, we would like to ask you to share your opinion about our content with us. Are you satisfied? Or is there anything you would want us to change?  Send us an e-mail – or share your comments on Facebook or Linkedin. Or just use the comment section under this post. Again – as we might expect from our well-informed readers – I would like not only your praise but also your suggestions. So we can provide you with even better stories next year!