A world designed for men

It is time that we stopped seeing men as the standard, both in science and practice, our columnist Eveline van Zeeland writes.

Emo design is needed now more than ever

Design can bring joy into people's lives. And that is exactly what we need in these times of doom and gloom argues Eveline van Zeeland. Therefore: Long live emo design!

Zebra for sale

Put your absolute truths on sale, because only those who allow doubt and do not conform are true innovators, writes Eveline van Zeeland.

Why teachers can’t stand creative students

Do we want to put ourselves on the map in terms of innovation? Eveline van Zeeland contends that is then high time that teachers learn to appreciate our most creative students.

Tomorrow is good: a happier tomorrow

Jacinda Ardern has been getting my attention for some time now. Although I do follow global politics fairly closely, I would not be able to […]

Tomorrow is good: 50 shades of fine

There is more likely a knack for mathematics pre-programmed into my brain than a talent for languages. Let ‘s just say that language is not […]