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Art, music, energy and De Dommel all combined into a work of art. That’s what a group of artists was asked to deliver for the art route Rabo Art on the Dommel. On Sunday, May 22, the route opens with ten works that will be a two weeks lasting connection between the High Tech Campus and the TU/e campus.

Each year a special theme around energy is chosen for the route. This year has become the theme of water. Quite logically, organizer Erik de Jong  immediately thought of water energy. “In response, we came up with the idea of ​​how you can use the Dommel as a musical instrument. For example, the artwork Anaki came forward”, De Jong explains.

Inflatable Animals

The idea is that with Anaki, visitors can control the inflated animals in the water with their phone. During the art route, the animals will be in the pond of the High Tech Campus. They make noises as well.

By working together a collective can create a piece of music. De Jong: “It is a test for the creators so that they can improve the interface thanks to the campus residents.”

Plastic instruments

The installation of “Water Creatures‘ shows how plastic waste in water may get new life. For example, the inventors have clothes and musical instruments made from waste. On 22 and 29 May and 4 June the installation can be seen by the audience and the actors will be performing in their recycled clothing and on their recycled instruments.

A lot of other activities will be part of the Festival. After the opening on Sunday, May 22, the ten works of art on the art route can be seen until Sunday June 5th. More information can be found here. The entire route can be found here.