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Research by MIT Sloan Ph.D. student Emma van Inwegen shows that job seekers with AI-assisted resumes are 8% more likely to be hired, receive 7.8% more job offers, and earn 8.4% higher wages. The study analyzed 480,948 applicants in a global online labor market for contract work, concluding that a well-written resume plays a crucial role in hiring decisions. AI algorithms assisted in fixing spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, phrase overuse, tone, and style. Eliminating spelling and grammatical errors can significantly boost one’s chances of landing a job, making AI a cost-effective and affordable option for job seekers, especially non-native English speakers. Employers may also benefit from using AI throughout the hiring process, potentially making them more attractive employers.
In the research by van Inwegen, the study was conducted by analyzing job seekers in a global online labor market for contract work. The researchers randomly assigned half of the job seekers algorithmic writing assistance while the other half completed their resumes without any help. The experiment aimed to understand the impact of AI-assisted resume writing on hiring outcomes, as well as identifying specific types of errors that could be detrimental to a candidate’s success.

AI-powered resume builders to the rescue

Several AI-powered resume builders and CV makers are available to help job seekers create professional resumes. These platforms offer customizable templates, AI-powered text suggestions, keyword optimization, editing tools, and additional features such as cover letter builders. Some popular AI resume builders include Kickresume, Teal, and Enhancv.

Most of these resume builders are based on GPT-4 with some specific enhancements to create the perfect resume.

Advantages of AI resume builders

AI resume builders offer several advantages for job seekers, such as automating resume drafting in seconds, generating matching cover letters, providing personalized improvement tips, and offering customizable ATS-ready templates designed by professional typographers and recruiters. These tools can save time and effort while ensuring a polished resume that highlights relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

For non-native English speakers, AI-generated resumes can be particularly beneficial, as they help correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enabling them to present themselves better to English-speaking employers. This can level the playing field for applicants who may struggle with English in their resumes.

AI in the recruitment process

AI is useful for job seekers, recruiters, and employers. AI recruiting software can automate high-volume tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality of hires by standardizing job matching. By adopting AI in hiring, companies can reduce time-to-hire, minimize talent loss to competition, and ultimately achieve positive effects on cost, revenue, and turnover.

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into the recruitment process, addressing potential downsides such as bias and inaccurate assessments is crucial. AI algorithms may unintentionally perpetuate or amplify biases present in the historical data used to train them, leading to unequal treatment of candidates based on factors such as sex, race, or religion. To mitigate these risks, companies must ensure that AI systems are designed with fairness and transparency in mind, regularly auditing their algorithms for bias and rectifying any identified issues. Employers should be cautious about relying solely on AI for hiring decisions and continue to incorporate human judgment and input throughout the recruitment process.

Embracing AI for better career prospects

As the research suggests, using AI to polish resumes can significantly improve job seekers’ chances of getting hired, receiving more job offers, and earning higher wages. Leveraging AI-powered resume builders and the variety of tools they offer can give job seekers the competitive edge they need in today’s job market. With AI becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s essential for both job seekers and employers to harness its potential to achieve better results in the hiring process.