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2255 Fontys-Students will sleep in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S starting Monday. Wouter van Hoek started planning the event in early October.Together with three colleagues , the 28-year old Van Hoek is responsible for organizing the Fontys-inn at the Klokgebouw. He is just finishing up, hanging the last of 1000 lightbulbs as an ‘romantic’ alternative to the cold fluorescentlights hanging in the rafters of the building.

Divided over three rooms, there are about 1100 bunkbeds. There’s a bar with all opportunities for an afterparty on Friday. It is the second time the Klokgebouw will serve as an inn. In previous years, since 2012, the sleepover-intro was held on a campsite in Eindhoven. In 2014 the students had to be evacuated due to bad weather.

Preparation for the event starts as early as September, with an evaluation of the previous year. In January, the first plans for that year’s edition are drawn out.

Getting a permit for building a camping inside the Klokgebouw is hardly a problem. “The building already has a permit to hosts events. The only thing is that the Klokgebouw was never really meant for people to sleep in it. We have to make sure everything is fireproof and safe. Most of the work is in making sure you can tick all the boxes on that list.”

Inflatable crocodiles
Van Hoek and his three colleagues, will have to work almost around the clock for the next week. His team is aided by two first aiders and a team of security officers.

Three of his people and himself, in charge of controlling a crowd of 2250 students. Van Hoek seems ready, his concerns are brought down to finishing the last details. “Only thing left is finding out where I can get some inflatable crocodiles for them to play with.”

The Fontys Purple-introweek is hosted troughout Eindhoven and other cities.