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Thanks to a cooperation with ZionSecurity, the Eindhoven security startup BitSensor can focus on the Belgian market as well. Zionsecurity specializes in application security; BitSensor can intercept enemy hacks within milliseconds.

The Belgian cybersecurity company will support BitSensor in the execution of orders for its customers. In addition to installing, managing and monitoring the software, the company will also be involved in reporting any data leaks.

“ZionSecurity knows the Belgian market and has knowledge from which we, as a company, can learn a great deal”, says Alex Dings, COO of BitSensor. “And because ZionSecurity takes care of activities such as incident monitoring, we can now assist customers from start to finish.

According to Wouter Winters, COO of ZionSecurity, his company can help BitSensor to position their solutions with the right customers. “The collaboration fits well with our joint drive to better protect organizations.”

Photo: Bitsensor founders Alex Dings and Ruben van Vreeland – Foto Bart van Overbeeke

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