Philips celebrates its 125 years and Eindhoven literally rolls out the blue carpet. Of course there is room for a look back, but on 14 and 15 May, the official anniversary weekend, the city will celebrate the future foremost. Imagination, experimentation, technology, collaboration and innovation are central.

The blue carpet begins at the railway station and takes the visitors from there along all major Philips landmarks in the city. During a walk several famous Philips locations can be visited. To name a few: the statues of Anton and Frits Philips, the former residence of Anton Philips, the Philips Museum, the Evoluon and the Philips Stadium, home to PSV. Groups from the city with a ‘Philips-past’ (sports, music, history) are invited to show what they do or did along the way.

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The newest innovations are found in the Evoluon. Work is underway on a spectacle with shows, demonstrations and inventions. Probably a lot of visitors will suddenly have gained a lot of inspiration – they are all directly welcomed at the inventor plaza.

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    Normally, the field in the Philips Stadium is the scene of top matches from Eredivisie and Champions League, but on Saturday May 14 everyone is invited there. Always wanted to take a penalty in front of a PSV goalkeeper? It’s possible. Rather try yourself in a test at the PSV FieldLab? Take the opportunity!

    Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 13.19.27On the same day the Philips Museum opens the new ‘Innovation and you’ Exhibition. It’s all about the future of technology and innovation, from Philips’s perspective, with great emphasis on health and light. Experience how Philips can help you to live healthy and well, even if you need care. Joining the Experience is free on 14 and 15th of May.

    The organization of Eindhoven Celebrates the Future is still looking for people with a background in one of the many Philips Associations. Sign up quickly with your Philips korfbalteam, Philips fanfare or -drumband, Philips stamp club or one of the dozens of other Philips Associations. All details about the Philips Weekend tracked on

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