Due to a growth of 11,284 jobs, exactly 418,160 jobs were available in the Brainport Eindhoven region at the end of 2017. This growth of 2.77% was well above the average in the Netherlands. Neighbouring regions Middle-North Brabant (+ 2.74%) and North-East-North Brabant (+ 2.21%) also performed well. The fastest grower last year was North Overijssel, with 3.66%. Eindhoven ended second in growth rate.

More than one-third of the increase in Brainport Eindhoven is caused by extra jobs in the top sector of high-tech systems and materials. The number of jobs in this sector grew by 3,981. The figures are generated annually by the LISA counting system, a database containing data from 1996 onwards on all branches in the Netherlands where paid work is carried out.

In 2017, as in 2016, employment in the Netherlands as a whole increased by 1.5%. The absolute growth rate was 122,280 jobs. The number of work sites also increased, with a growth rate of 2.8%, but less than in 2016 (4.7%). For the first time in 2017, the Netherlands has more than 8.4 million jobs, almost 2 million more than in 1996. In recent years, the growth in the number of branches has mainly been caused by a continuing high number of people who start for themselves. As a result, the development of the number of work sites since 2000 has been more positive than the number of jobs.

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