It might also have been with chocolate, marzipan, fondant, cake dough or fruit paste, but Nina Hoff and Richard Guldemundt chose to write their signature in speculoos paste. With this, the collaboration between Hoff’s byFlow and Guldemundt’s Beko Techniek has officially started. Both parties now collaborate in entering the bakery industry with byFlow’s 3D Food Printer ‘The Focus’.

With The Focus, it is possible to create three-dimensional shapes and textures of all kinds of foods that were previously unavailable. For the bakery industry, the focus is mainly on chocolate, marzipan, fondant, cake dough, fruit paste and speculoos. But that offer will be expanded quickly, Guldemundt and Hoff say. Preferably by the users themselves. “Although byFlow offers recipes and designs that facilitate the printing process, the possibilities with The Focus are endless.”

The 3D food printer The Focus is available from Friday 29 September at Beko Techniek’s webshop.

More on byFlow here

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