After raising a total of 500,000 euros in subsidies and private investment, Eindhoven-based car sharing startup Amber plans to expand rapidly in the Netherlands and internationally. With this recent investment, Amber will be able to expand to other major cities in the Netherlands, including Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.


Much of the investment comes from Jan Scholt, founder of Scholt Energy Control, a business-to-business energy provider from Valkenswaard active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Scholt plans to become a leading investor in Amber’s series A round in 2018.

Scholt says that he was convinced by Amber’s vision during the first meeting with the young company’s CEO Steven Nelemans. “Amber is addressing a gap in the market that has the potential to become really big”, explains Scholt. “I hope that I can help them not only with funding but also with my experience in building up a company.”

Amber cars, an alternative to leasing cars, has started its business earlier this year with ABN AMRO in Eindhoven and High Tech Campus Eindhoven. With this recent investment, Amber will be able to expand to other major cities.
Nelemans comments: “Our goal has always been to be a global leader in mobility. With Jan Scholt at our side, we are one step closer to this goal.”

Amber is a car sharing platform that uses an intelligent app and modified BMW i3’s to drastically reduce the number of cars needed to service a given number of people. With the Amber app, users are guaranteed on-demand access to electric mobility. Amber’s vision is to be able to provide on-demand mobility for all people everywhere, using their self-driving Amber One car, built specifically to be shared.

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