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The 54 TU/e Labs are there for all to use

The Human Performance Management Lab, the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics Lab, the Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics Lab, the Magnetic, electrical & structural nanocharacterization Lab, the Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion Lab. An arbitrary cross-section of the laboratory range on the TU/e campus. In total, there are no less than 54 laboratories – and the beauty is: many of them can also be used by people and companies from outside the university. All 54 TU/e-laboratories were collected on a website earlier this year. Not only does the list provide insight for the outside world into the diversity of research carried out at the TU/e, but the list is also a concrete invitation to use it. Which laboratories are located in the individual campus buildings, who is allowed to use them, who are the lab administrators, what facilities are available and what type of research is being carried out? The visitor of the site receives the answers to these questions. For example, at the Darcy Lab in Gemini, it states that “it offers unique MRI facilities specially equipped to investigate the properties of technologically porous materials”. On the High Capacity Optical Transmission Lab, it says that it facilitates research into innovative fiber optic cables that allow larger volumes of data to be sent. The fourteen largest laboratories are described in detail. The remaining forty are briefly listed with the name of the...

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Smartest region? We’re not living up to it

All around the world, initiatives are arising to make cities smarter, more accessible and at the same time more sustainable. Eindhoven doesn’t seem to lead in this type of “Quality of Life” and that is the reason for E52 to dive into this topic in the run-up to the municipal elections of March 2018. What are the backgrounds, what is achievable, what is minimally necessary, where are the solutions? Today, the kick off by Cees-Jan Pen, lecturer Entrepreneurial Region at Fontys. Comments are welcome, both under this article and in separate contributions. The Brainport region is just doing well...

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Four ways to improve the impact of High tech Startups in Brainport

It’s no less than a Silicon Valley in miniature, but somehow all the pioneering work from Brainport doesn’t resonate enough in the rest of the world. “We’re too modest,” says Guus Frericks, founder and CEO of accelerator High Tech XL. “We really need to better share our successes with the rest of the world.” Frericks made his appeal last week during the visit of Neelie Kroes in Eindhoven. “In a number of areas we are at world level, but to raise money and to find a revenue model, you have to actually participate in the global economy.” Frericks sees plenty...

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PhotonDelta Opens Institute For Photonic Integration: ‘Big Step Towards A More Durable Future’

April is an important month for PhotonDelta in the Netherlands. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven opened its Institute for Photonic Integration. The institute houses around 300 researchers working on the development of photonics. Ewit Roos, Managing Director at PhotonDelta- an initiative by TU/e, Brainport Development and BOM- looks ahead, to the role of photonics in the future and the increasing interest in photonics by the industries as well as other countries. “The Netherlands as a country is leading in integrated photonics”, Roos says. “However, we have to be on our guard, other countries are gaining knowledge on us.” Like the US...

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