Bram Cappers AnalyzeData

High-volume and complex data flows make it difficult to detect cyber-fraud, particularly if the fraud is specific or one-off in nature. Bram Cappers devoted his PhD research at the TU/e Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to solving this problem and is now taking the system he developed, EventPad, to market. Housed in a start-up aptly called AnalyzeData, the system processes enormous volumes of data and presents it visually, in the form of coloured blocks, thereby enabling the user to detect suspicious or deviating patterns with relative ease.

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About the author

Author profile picture Erika van der Merwe is a writer. She is exploring Eindhoven’s exciting world of tech and innovation. As a non-native tech speaker, she finds ways to understand and present the many abstract and technical concepts generated in this busy region. She loves to discover the human aspect in every story.